Adoptions in Florida

Adoptions in Florida

What is Adoption in Florida?

Adoption is the legal process through which an individual, whether a child or an adult, becomes part of a family other than that of the individual’s birth parents. Adoption severs all ties with birth parents. It transfers all rights and responsibilities to the adoptee’s adoptive parents. Therefore, the legal relationship between the adoptee and the adoptive parent is identical to the legal relationship between a parent and his or her child.

Who Can Adopt in Florida?

Any adult who resides in Florida who has the ability to nurture and provide for a child may adopt.

Who May be Adopted in Florida?

1. Minors 2. Adults 3. Groups of siblings may be adopted together.

Types of Adoptions in Florida

There are four types of adoptions in Florida: 1. The entity adoption 2. The step-parent adoption 3. The close relative adoption 4. The adult adoption

Who Must Consent to the Adoption?

If the adoptee is not an adult, the following parties must consent to the adoption of their minor child: 1. The birth mother 2. The birth father, if certain conditions are met 3. The minor child if 12 years of age or older. In certain cases, and based on the best interest of the minor child, the court may dispense with the minor’s consent; and 4. Any individual with legal custody of the minor child.