Nailing the Perfect Summer Break Parenting Schedule

Nailing the Perfect Summer Break Parenting Schedule

Summer is just around the corner! For many, this means that they will get a break from school to enjoy the warm summer months, spend more quality time with friends and family, participate in outdoor activities, and maybe even take a trip or two.


This extra time spent outside of school can leave divorced parents wanting to more spend quality time of their own with their kids. While this can seem like an easy feat if the divorced parents are on good terms, plans can be difficult to make if the divorce recently took place or if there are some lingering hard feelings between the exes.


It’s important to remember that your children deserve the best summer break, and it’s up to you and your ex to work together in order to give them that. Here are some co-parenting tips to keep in mind this summer to ensure you and your children have a fun, relaxing, and stress-free summer vacation.

Open Lines of Communication Early

If you are thinking of taking a vacation with your child which may impact the visitation or custody schedule already in place, it is always a good idea to begin communication as early as possible.


We often see parents who have waited until the last minute to share their summer vacation plans and are left unhappy when their former spouse has already made their own plans or does not agree to potential changes to the visitation schedule. Effective communication can avoid any feelings of stress or bitterness and ensure you, your ex, and children all know what the game plans are.

Discuss Your Needs

Children are most likely going to be home much more during the summer, and depending on their ages, they may need someone to watch over them. Especially with newly divorced parents, summer plans can be difficult when you don’t know what the other parent is needing in terms of scheduling. Make sure to give enough time to discuss your work schedule as well as your summer schedule so you and your ex-spouse can create a plan where each of you has your career needs met as well.

Flexibility Is Key

While it is extremely important to create a summer schedule with your ex and stick to it, life happens and not everything will always go as planned. Do not let this upturn your entire schedule or feelings toward your summer. It’s important to be flexible so that your child does not feel the stress from this schedule deviation. Communicate with your ex if there is a change of plans in your schedule, and ask that your ex does the same. This will ensure you both can work toward a “Plan B” and achieve the best summer you can.


If you are facing child custody difficulties or problems working through your summer custody plan, don’t hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Jonny Kousa, P.L. for help deciding what is in the best interest of your family.

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