Children’s Age and the Effects of Divorce

Children’s Age and the Effects of Divorce

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Divorce is hard for the whole family. However, for children, it can be one of the most painful experiences they go through. This trauma can have lasting effects on their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing, no matter what their age is. By understanding these effects before the child experiences them, parents can better help them through the process.

Toddlers Age One to Three Years of Age

Toddlers have a limited thinking capacity, thus making it hard for them to comprehend the situation. Children can feel tension and stress in the home, but do not know why due to their limited understanding. Toddlers are put into a state of confusion about divorce, which in turn puts them at risk for emotional and behavioral pitfalls that stretch into the adult years. Children of this age frequently place the blame for the divorce on themselves because of something they think they did to cause the separation.

Children Age Three to Six

At this age, preschoolers also sense something is wrong but have a hard time comprehending what is going on. Typically, they will feel very uncertain about their emotions and the future. They will keep their anger to themselves, have negative thoughts, and might even have nightmares. It’s essential to make sure they feel safe and secure during this time, which means being there to answer any questions they have and letting them know they will still be able to see their other parent.

Children Age Six to Twelve

Divorce affects children of this age range in several ways. First, their ability to learn is diminished, causing stress on their education. This occurs because they are not able to concentrate on their schoolwork because all of their focus is on the issues they have at home.

Additionally, this age group might feel like they are responsible for not only the divorce. The child may feel they need to take control of the situation and try to get their parents to reconcile. However, the child will then blame themselves when they fail to bring their parents back together.

Teenagers Thirteen to Eighteen

Teens whose parents divorce later in their life are not immune to the effects of divorce. Teenagers have their own set of growing pains and issues, and divorce exacerbates these issues to the point that the older child will isolate themselves from one parent. They will take sides in the divorce and blame one parent for causing it. Once this occurs, the teenager will begin to develop a wave of unforgiving anger towards that parent.

A Coconut Creek County Lawyer Can Help

Divorce will affect the whole family. However, sometimes it’s the best option. Understanding the way children are affected by a separation can help parents, who are getting a divorce, understand how to help their child. If you have a family law issue you need help with, The Law Offices of Jonny Kousa, P.L. is here to guide you through the process. From property division to child custody issues, we are focused on ensuring you and your children’s rights are protected.

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