What Causes Couples to Get Back Together After a Divorce?

What Causes Couples to Get Back Together After a Divorce?

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Did you know that as many as 10% to 15% of all divorced couples will reconcile their relationship according to research? When a marriage ends, it seems unlikely that a couple would consider getting back together. They got divorced for a reason. But, some couples end up rekindling their relationship. Our Coconut Creek divorce lawyer explains why some divorced couples give their love story a second chance.

They’ve Changed

One of the main reasons why couples typically get back together after a divorce is because they actually worked on the issues that split them apart, to begin with. Time changes a lot, and they more than likely used that time to prove that the changes are longer lasting than they initially thought. This time around, bad habits and attitudes have been left behind.

They Have Different Expectations

Another reason why couples may give it another try after divorce is because they may have high hopes of things being different the second time around. They could also still be in love with their former spouse, and this may lead them back in their arms again.

They Were Too Young Before

Many times couples marry young even when they aren't ready. This may ultimately lead to a divorce. With time after both couples have grown and matured, they may end up reconciling. This could be true for one or both couples. They may realize that what they gave up was something extraordinary.

They Have Fixed Previous Problems

More often than not, whatever issue caused their divorce usually has gotten fixed. Other times it could simply be because they feel they're still in love with their ex-spouse. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. Some couples can regroup and retool after a divorce, which leads them to get back together.


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