COVID-19’s Impact on Family Law Matters

COVID-19’s Impact on Family Law Matters

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For many, life right now looks very different from what they considered “normal life” just weeks ago. It’s no debate that the coronavirus pandemic now impacts us all.

Social distancing recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and guidelines from the Trump Administration have led to an enormous amount of changes across our society, including an increase in work-from-home employers, temporary businesses shutdowns, and temporary school closures.

Family law matters, such as divorce and custody arrangements, may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of how COVID-19 has impacted the U.S. However, the legal team at our firm know the related issues that will certainly arise due to this national and global crisis.

The Law Offices of Jonny Kousa is fully operational amid COVID-19 and available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you get started on your family law case.

What Can Still Be Accomplished

Those with pending legal matters in Florida’s family law courts or those who had pre-existing plans to move forward with legal action may be worried about how quickly their case can be resolved. On March 27, Florida’s Chief Justice Canady released an emergency video statement in which he discusses that legal proceedings will be postponed due to the necessary safety and health of everyone.

In addition, the chief justice issued a statewide COVID-19 emergency order that places health-related limitations on court-ordered child custody and visitation arrangements until April 17. This new order requires certain child and family visitation to be conducted via video chat or other electronic means unless both parties agree that there is no potential health risk.

However, it is very important to note that certain court hearings, and even trials, are still going forward in Broward County and Palm Beach County. While these court proceedings are not being conducted in person, they are conducted via video conferencing.

Emergency orders, such as domestic violence restraining orders or modifications, can still be brought to family court at any time. Our legal team can help you through this process.

Helping Your Family During These Times

For some, staying at home with a spouse is simply not an option. During the statewide stay-at-home orders, The Law Offices of Jonny Kousa can provide you with virtual legal representation without having to go to court for certain matters, such as mediation as well as custody and support agreements.

No one knows for certain what the future holds. But our firm is here to help our local communities in any way we can during the coronavirus pandemic.

We are here for you during these uncertain times. Contact The Law Offices of Jonny Kousa at (954) 626-8071 and we will work hard to protect your family and your future.

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