Best Practices for Using Social Media During Your Custody Case

Best Practices for Using Social Media During Your Custody Case

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In today’s digital era, many people freely use social media as a means to connect with friends and family and share their experiences online. However, it’s easy to get yourself in deep waters online, especially if you have a pending divorce or child custody case.

Your online activities can negatively impact your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. So before you hit that “send” or “post” button, there are some things you should consider.

Social Media As Evidence

Your social media paints a certain image of you. In family law court, and especially when it comes to a child custody case, making sure you present the best image of yourself is crucial. This includes making sure you consistently look and act put together.

Both you and your spouse may be trying to get custody of the children. Your spouse and their attorney can use what you post online to try and show that you are the less fit parent. Don’t give them a chance to distort the facts against you.

The court will be looking out for the best interest of your child. If you are trying to establish custody for your children, you want to make sure it’s clear that the children will be safe in your home and cared for properly. Your social media should be a reflection of the caring, mature, and responsible parent that you are claiming to be in court.

What To Avoid Posting

Keep in mind that nothing is really private when it comes to social media. Even if you have deleted your ex and set your account to private, there are still plenty of ways that the opposing side can get ahold of your posts and use it against you in court.

Because of this, it’s best to avoid posting anything that could harm your image at all. Before you share anything online, try to think if there are any ways that your spouse could twist a phrase or a photo and use it to harm your claims of putting your children first.

There are some things that are universally better not to post at all during a child custody case, including:

  • Photos of you going out

  • Photos of you drinking alcohol or doing illegal drugs

  • Posts about someone new you’re seeing/dating

  • Negative comments about your ex

  • Anything related to your custody case

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Our legal team will help guide you in the right direction and ensure you take all the steps you need to for the best chances of obtaining a favorable custody arrangement.

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