Why Should I Include A Prenuptial Agreement In My Wedding Plans?

Why Should I Include A Prenuptial Agreement In My Wedding Plans?

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Wedding planning is an eventful time of your life: you’re meeting with caterers, touring venues, and planning every little detail of your wedding. It may feel overwhelming with all of your plans, but you shouldn’t forget to schedule some time to create your prenuptial agreement. Our Coconut Creek prenuptial agreement attorney shares how creating a set amount of time can limit your stress as you get closer to your big day.

Scheduling Out Time

If you budget time to create a prenuptial agreement just as you would to tour a venue or taste your catering, you will not need to worry about cramming in a meeting with your prenuptial agreement attorney later on in the wedding planning process. When you make those important initial appointments for your catering or venue tours, make sure to schedule a consultation with a prenuptial agreement attorney to find an attorney that you trust to advocate for your interests during the prenuptial agreement writing process.

Grouping together your meetings with your attorney alongside your necessary appointments for your wedding prioritizes your prenuptial agreement and can help avoid a hastily created agreement days before your wedding. If you finish your prenuptial agreement early in your wedding planning, you won’t need to worry about finishing up this process as you get closer to your big day, which ultimately can give you more time to prepare for your first day of married life.

Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

While it may seem like only the rich and famous need prenuptial agreements, they can benefit any marriage. Your prenuptial agreement can:

  • Protect any property you may own,
  • Set standards on spousal support following divorce,
  • Outline division of property process for the couple in the event of a divorce, and
  • Promote open communication regarding finances and other expectations of marriage.

When couples come together to create a premarital agreement, they take the time to address their biggest concerns and priorities in a marriage, which is often a beneficial aspect of why it is important to create your prenuptial agreement early on in your wedding planning process.

Coconut Creek Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Our prenuptial agreement attorney at The Law Offices of Jonny Kousa, P.L. understands that your prenuptial agreement may be complex as you enter your married life. Together, we can help you create an agreement with your future spouse that protects both of your interests in the event of divorce.

Are you looking at writing a prenuptial agreement before your wedding? Schedule a consultation with our attorney by calling us at (954) 626-8071 or filling out our online contact form.

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