How Are My Investments Impacted By Divorce?

How Are My Investments Impacted By Divorce?

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If you have invested in the stock market or have stock options, you may be concerned about how your investments will fare during and after your divorce. With their unique nature, your investments and ownership may largely be impacted by your divorce. Our Coconut Creek asset division attorney shares what you should understand about your investments and their involvement in your divorce.

What Happens to My Investments?

Based on the date of acquisition, your investments may be considered marital property and subject to the division of assets. When you begin your divorce and the division of assets process, you will determine what will be included in marital asset division and what will be exempt.

Assets are considered separate property if acquired by only one party before marriage. However, assets considered separate property may have changed in value from the initial purchase, and that change may be considered marital property. Your attorney can help you understand more about the ownership determination process and help you prepare your investment portfolio for the asset division process.

How This May Affect Your Investments

When divorcing, your investments may be impacted by this major life change. The most significant impact will be a potential change in ownership. While these investments may have been purchased jointly with your spouse, one of you may exit your marriage with these investments.

While your divorce may not directly impact the value of your investments, the change in ownership may change how you interact with your portfolio. If you were more directly involved in managing your investments, you might wish to retain ownership to continue your work with your portfolio.

Nothing Is More Important Than Your Loved Ones

At The Law Offices of Jonny Kousa, P.L., we understand that your investment portfolio may be one of your greatest priorities during the division of assets process. Our divorce attorney is well-versed in advocating for clients’ best interests and helping them exit their marriage with the assets they desire.

Are you divorcing and investing in the stock market? Schedule a free consultation with our attorney today to learn more about how we can help protect your investments in your divorce. Call us at (954) 626-8071 to get started!

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