Are There Advantages to Filing For Divorce First?

Are There Advantages to Filing For Divorce First?

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When you file for divorce first, you are the one choosing to legally end your marriage, even if your spouse proposed a divorce first. This decision can change your life, which is why rushing to file for divorce first can have both positive and negative consequences. Before you file for divorce, discover how filing first may affect you.

You Can Decide When the Divorce Begins

One of the biggest advantages of filing for divorce is that you decide when the divorce process begins. Once your divorce papers are served, your spouse must respond within 20 days and the process moves pretty quickly from there. You shouldn’t rush through the process when filing just to file first, but being proactive can help you decide when you wish to start your divorce.

You Can Be More Prepared For the Path Ahead

When you file for divorce first, you can fully expect a divorce to move forward and prepare accordingly, unlike if your spouse files first without notifying you ahead of time. By taking the time to choose a divorce attorney and prepare yourself for the divorce process, you may have a clearer idea of what to expect when pursuing your divorce. Your divorce attorney may have already advised you regarding contested issues and you may understand any complications further in the process. If you need legal guidance, get in touch with our team today.

What If My Spouse Files First?

If you are in the process of preparing to file for divorce and you are served by your spouse, don’t worry! You haven’t lost the fight. Your divorce attorney can help you prepare a response and move forward through the divorce process.

If your spouse files before you do, you should remain proactive and continue working through the divorce process. Your attorney can help you as you compile documents, fill out forms, and prepare for mediation sessions or court hearings. Remaining proactive can help limit stress throughout the process, as you’ve planned ahead and prepared for future complications.

Coconut Creek Divorce Attorneys

Beginning the divorce process can be an emotional action, no matter if you are the one initiating the divorce. Our divorce attorney at The Law Offices of Jonny Kousa, P.L. can help you prepare to file for divorce and begin the process to dissolve your marriage.

Are you planning to file for divorce? Schedule a free consultation with our divorce attorney today by calling (954) 626-8071 or contact us online. We are waiting for your call.

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